I’m currently a platform engineer at Data Cafe (Thailand).

Previously I was a Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer and Site Reliability Engineer. Before that I was doing IT Support and System Administration.

My expertise lies in the realms of data engineering, machine learning, and devops, where I optimize processes and drive impactful projects.

Apart from my professional pursuits, I actively contribute to tech & data communities and open-source projects.

When I have lessons to share I enjoy speaking at conferences.

Surprisingly, I do enjoy cooking a lot, but not as much as tinkering with my homelab.

I’m probably listening to symphonic heavy metal.

Many people wonder what I do, because I seem to hang out in a lot of communities, to which I tell them it’s DevSecMLFinDataOps 😃.

Fun fact: this dude stole my homelab configuration, but I already picked his brain for management and leadership skills 🫢.

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HashiCorp Ambassador 2024 HashiCorp Ambassador 2024
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate AWS SA Associate
Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect GCP PCA
AWS Community Builder 2022 AWS CB 22