• nix - A cross-platform setup script that works with both Linux and Mac.
  • self-hosted - Self-hosting open-source alternatives for popular services. Managed via docker-compose, helm and terraform.
  • Vercel - Multi Branch Deployment - Use GitHub Actions to deploy a frontend project from different branches (dev, uat, master), each with their own preview environment.
  • pgconn - pgcli wrapper to connect to PostgreSQL database specified in db.yaml. Proxy/tunnel connection is automatically created and killed when pgcli is exited.
  • totp - CLI TOTP token generator with autocomplete.
  • docs - Personal documentation website on various topics.
  • Calculator - Various calculators: meeting, GKE Autopilot and cloud cost calculator. Source code here.
  • Proxmox VM Selector - A simple TUI to select which Proxmox VM to start/stop.
  • Docker AWS Backup - Backup paths or postgres to S3-compatible storage, with NTFY notification.


Data Engineering

  • Dataframe Frameworks Showdown - Benchmark performance between duckdb, polars and spark. In addition to runtime, RAM usage is also provided.
  • Spark on Kubernetes
  • Dagster Demo - A working dagster demo with medallion architecture, partitioned data, schedules, assets dependencies, job status alerts and auto-materialize assets.

Data Science