• nix - A cross-platform setup script that works with both Linux and Mac.
  • self-hosted - Self-hosting open-source alternatives for popular services. Managed via docker-compose.
  • terraform-sops-ssm - Create SSM secrets from SOPS-encrypted secrets, with IAM roles & users creation for SSM access.
  • Vercel - Multi Branch Deployment - Use GitHub Actions to deploy a frontend project from different branches (dev, uat, master), each with their own preview environment.
  • pgconn - pgcli wrapper to connect to PostgreSQL database specified in db.yaml. Proxy/tunnel connection is automatically created and killed when pgcli is exited.
  • totp - CLI TOTP token generator with autocomplete.
  • GKE Autopilot Cost Calculator - Calculate GKE Autopilot workloads cost. Available for normal application deployments and spark-submit jobs. Source code here.

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