How long do you have to eat gluten-free?

Until the day I die. Or when I decide I want to die.

If you slowly increase your gluten intake you can eat bread in no time?

In my case it’s an autoimmune disease, not allergy. Repeat after me: it’s not an allergy.

But you react to food? So how’s that not an allergy?

Because I don’t get anaphylactic shock, and epi-pen can do nothing for me. And I sh*t blood.

But some people get diarrhea when they drink milk. Isn’t it the same?

That’s food intolerance, and they don’t sh*t blood.

Can you eat x?

Two factors: what it is and what it came into contact with. If it doesn’t have gluten in itself but has contact with gluten by any means, it’s cross-contaminated, which means I can’t eat it.

How to know whether a food is gluten free?

Read the labels. If you’re lucky, the labels are accurate. If not, call up the manufacturer and grill them. Again, if they play ball and answer you. If not, you’ll never hear from them again.

Labels can be inaccurate? Examples?

  • Marinaded meat with soy sauce only states soy as allergen.
  • Imported goods with local labels omitting some allergens stated in the original.
  • Products do not state may contain allergens.
  • People who don’t have knowledge about cross-contamination making products without wheat flour and slapping “gluten free” label on the package.

Can you eat out?

Yes. Point me to a supermarket and I’ll get something to eat with other people in a restaurant.

Can’t you ask them to make you gluten-free food?

Depends. But generally no. Cross-contamination is everywhere.